Mix It Up

The only Mixer Bot you'll ever need. Period.

What Is Mix It Up

Mix It Up is a new and exciting, full-featured, open-source, stream bot designed exclusively for the Mixer streaming platform and is designed to be a "one stop shop" for managing your stream, your chat, and your channel!

Why Is It Special

Easy To Use

Designed with simplicity in mind, Mix It Up can be up and running in less than 5 minutes! We also provide comprehensive documentation and video tutorials for everyone wanting to use advanced features!

By Streamers. For Streamers.

Mix It Up is developed in collaboration of some of the top streamers on Mixer with a heavy emphasis on feature-driven design! We're always looking for new and exciting ideas to include in future releases!


We remain commited to providing the highest level of support with rapid bug fixes and frequent feature releases! No longer are you sidelined due to bot developers focusing on "other platforms"!

Awesome Features

OBS & XSplit Support

Mix It Up is the ONLY Mixer Bot with native OBS & XSplit integration. Change a scene, hide/show a source, send a URL to display, your imagination is the only limit!


Full support of the Mixer Interactive platform including sparks, groups, and cooldowns!


Real-time chat including Mixer Emote support. Includes viewer list, user profile cards, and moderators actions

Multiple Profile Support

Share a PC with another streamer? Now switching between setups is just a click of a button!


Includes support for multiple currencies, custom currency names, and variable "earn rates"


Whether it's just bragging rights, or qualifying for that next giveaway, the rank system lets you know which viewers are the most loyal!


Are your Mods on vacation? We can help with auto-moderation including a community driven banned word list, caps/spam/emotes governor, and auto-timeout rules


Reward your community with prizes! Giveaway entries can be setup to be follower-only, rank restricted, or purchased using a currency of your choice!


Trigger actions in real-time for channel events including New Follower, Sub, ReSub, and Hosted!


Want a chat message or overlay to appear at a certain interval? We've got it covered!


Remember that time you said something, and then really wish you didn't... now you can be reminded constantly by adding it to Quotes!


Entertain your viewers when you're not quite entertaining! Comes loaded with Heist, Russian Roulette, and Spin but you can also create your very own!

HTML Overlays

You can setup and use custom HTML overlays that utilize the built-in API allowing you to create an immersive and interactive experience with your viewers!

Game Queue

Do you play games with your channel viewers? We can help you keep that queue sorted out so you'll always know "who's next"


Whether it's a !lurk or a !raid, you can setup any number of commands to improve your channel's interactivity! Included over a dozen pre-built commands to help get you started!

Text To Speech

Because some things just need to be said out loud. Turn any text input into a TTS output!


Get Started


  • Microsoft Windows 8 / 10
  • .NET Framwork 4.0
  • Mixer.com Account

Tutorials & Support

What Others Have To Say!

“ Love the Mix It Up bot. Reliable, efficient, and easy to use. ”


Mixer Streamer & Partner


“ The beta has been great! Overall I would say it has really made an impact on me and I can't wait for Delta and the new/reworked features! ”


Mixer Streamer


“ I like using Mix It Up a lot. ”


Mixer Streamer


“ The best thing to happen to Mixer Streamers since :wat! ”


Mixer Streamer / Mix It Up Developer


“ Mixitup is by far the best bot I have ever used. A Mixer bot, created by Mixer users, with the heart of the Mixer community. ”


Mixer Streamer


Meet The Team


Desktop Developer / Mix It Up Lead



Mobile & Web Developer



Desktop Developer