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Mix It Up Is A Free, Full Featured, Community Driven, Open-Source Stream Bot
Developed BY Streamers FOR Streamers

Why Choose Mix It Up?

Mix It Up is a bot unlike any other with an amazing team of developers working around the clock to bring the absolute best features our community members have requested. We are one of the most feature-packed stream bots out there which provides streamers with a wide and versitile set of tools to help make your streams visually and interactively appealing to your audience.

Here are just a few more reasons to try us out:

Full support for Twitch, YouTube, and Trovo streaming platforms

Professional and easy to use interface

Frequent updates and bug fixes

Responsive support team

Open Source And Transparent Data Practices

Mix It Up Features

Here are some the feature highlights of things you can do with Mix It Up

Stream Deck Support
Stream Avatars
Broadcast Integration
Donation & Tip Services
Overlays & Widgets
Elgato Stream Deck Support

With official support for the Elgato Streamdeck, you can control all your Mix It Up commands and action with the touch of a button. Download the plugin from the Stream Deck Action Store to get started today!

And Much Much More...

Twitch Bits
With the Twitch Bits feature, you can track who's dropping the biggest Bit bombs. We offer events for not only when they are spent, but leaderboard support as well!
Twitch Channel Points
Build powerful and engaging experiences that your viewers can spend their Twitch Channel Points on!
Twitch Clips
Twitch Partners & Affiliates can use Mix It Up to trigger the Twitch Clip system to capture awesome things in the moment!
Social Media
Send a Tweet or post in Discord to let your community know you're live. Want to link that lastest tweet in stream chat? We've got you covered there too!
Charity Services
Want custom alerts for your next big charity event? Say no more! We can monitor for donations from supported charity services and send that information to your custom overlay!
Real-time chat including Twitch Emote & Badge support for Partners, as well as BetterTTV & FrankerFaceZ emote support. Also included are a viewer list, user profile cards, and moderators actions.
Whether it's a !lurk or a !raid, you can setup any number of commands to improve your channel's interactivity! Included over a dozen pre-built commands to help get you started!
Give your viewers something to spend! We support multiple currencies, custom currency names, variable "earn rates", and more!
Let your users acquire all sorts of different items and decide what they can spend them on and even trade them with other users!
Whether it's just bragging rights, or qualifying for that next giveaway, the rank system lets you know which viewers are the most loyal!
Are your Mods on vacation? We can help with auto-moderation including a community driven banned word list, caps/spam/emotes governor, and auto-timeout rules

Reward your community with prizes! Giveaway entries can be setup to be follower-only, rank restricted, or purchased using a currency of your choice!


Trigger actions in real-time for channel events including Follows, Unfollows, Subs, ReSubs, Hosts, Stream Start and Stop, Bans, Purges, and Donations!


With timers you can kick off events at specific intervals like reminding your viewers to follow you on social media or to check out your latest sponsor!


Remember that time you said something, and then really wish you didn't... now you can be reminded constantly by adding it to Quotes!

Whether it's kills, subs, deaths, or just the number of times someone says the secret word in chat, you can keep track of it with an unlimited number of counters!
Mini Games

Entertain your viewers when you're not quite entertaining! Comes loaded with Heist, Russian Roulette, and Spin but you can also create your very own!

Game Queue

Do you play games with your channel viewers? We can help you keep that queue sorted out so you'll always know "who's next"

Multi Streamer Support

Share a PC with another streamer? Now switching between setups is just a click of a button!

Text To Speech

Because some things just need to be said out loud. You can turn any text input into a Text-To-Speech output!

File Actions
Whether you want to log all your events in a file for review later or read text generated by a 3rd party app you can add actions that let you both read and write files!
Input Emulation
Give the viewers CONTROL! With the input action, you can map the keyboard and mouse functions of your PC so your viewers can help play along (and heal you when you forget 🤦‍)
With translation services, you can have your chat or actions translated on the fly to one of over 50 different languages!
Serial Communication

Setup and control your Serial COM device with just just a few clicks. Whether it's giant robots or a face-slapping hat, you'll be able to send low-latency commands to your hardware in no time!

IF you need things to happen when certain event fire OR when certain conditions are met THEN you should probably check out the conditional statement support we built in.
Are you a stats geek? Want to see how your channel is performing in real time? Check out the stats page for all the number-y goodness (including the ability to export)!
External Programs
Do you need a certain program to launch when a MixPlay button is hit? With the External Program command, you can send command line instructions to Windows along with any switches you specifiy!
Web Requests

Needing a piece of data we don't provide? Mix It Up allows you to send HTTP requests to your favorite third party services

Developer API
Are you someone who likes to get elbow deep in code and want to leverage portions of the Mix It Up backend to do the heavy lift? We have a wide range of self-hosted API endpoints you can tap into for your custom development needs.

Download Mix It Up Today!


• Windows 8/8.1/10/11
• Account

We've made it SUPER easy to get up and running with Mix It Up. To begin, click on the "Download Installer" button down below. Once that's completed, you can open the setup file which will install Mix It Up and launch the New User Wizard to help guide you through getting logged in and help import data from bots you used previously. Afterwards, be sure to check out the wiki link at the top for specific feature instructions and examples!

Meet The Team


Lead Developer

Verbatim T

Web Developer


Desktop Developer

Contact Us

Whether you need support or have an amazing new feature you want to see added to the bot, we've got several ways to get in touch with the team!

Follow us on Twitter @MixItUpApp to stay up to date on all the latest updates and dankest of memes


Join our Discord Server and meet a ton of amazing people, just like yourself, who use Mix It Up every stream!


We don't always respond immediately to email but, as a last ditch effort, you can get in touch with us at

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