Our Next Steps

Hey everyone, we wanted to talk about what the next steps for Mix It Up are. Obviously, the news announced today was unexpected for everyone, us included, and the Mix It Up development staff took some time to discuss what our next set of steps should be. There’s a lot of information we would like to unpack, but we know that a TL;DR is also important:

  • We will be working to add support for Twitch before the July 22nd deadline
  • Facebook Gaming support will be investigated shortly after that
  • Mixer support & features will be removed at or very close to the July 22nd deadline

Before we talk about that though, I’d like to give some background context of what our plan up until today has been. We’ve been working hard to plan out and get us to our 1.0 version of Mix It Up, which we consider to be our line in the sand of a finished product. This doesn’t mean we wouldn’t be developing any new features, but rather it’s a statement of how we want Mix It Up viewed as an application. There are many things we have planned to continue working on after our 1.0 release. Our timeline looked something like this:

We had plans to re-work some big areas of the app to improve them and include new things. This was also a means for us to get the app into a good state such that when we hit 1.0, we could then start looking at integrating support for other streaming platforms. When you first build a bot software, you’re going to build a lot of stuff that’s very dependent on the streaming platform you’re using. So part of this work was also to go through the various features and make them work independent of the platform you were streaming on.

But now we get to where we are now and we need to come to a decision on what the next best steps are for our community. That’s really the important aspect of this to us, our community. When I say community, I more specifically mean the Mix It Up community. Just like with every bot that supported the Mixer platform: ScorpBot, FireBot, ScottyBot, Streamlabs ChatBot, BeepBot; each of these bots have a community that allows them to thrive and engage and I think that’s an important to consider with this.

Although Mixer is where we got our start, it’s not the reason why we’re still here today, just like with every other bot. It’s the community of users for these bots that keep them going, support them, and elevate them to where they are. Each bot owes a lot to each of their users and they wouldn’t be where they are today with them. So any decision we make for Mix It Up’s future has to be based on what’s going to support our community the best. With July 22nd being the final day of Mixer’s existence, that gives us exactly a month to get Mix It Up to as best a state as it can be. Unfortunately, that’s not a lot of time in software development to roll something out, so we’re bit under-the-wire to decide the best course of action. With all that said, here’s what our current plan is:

Our goal will be to have a version of Mix It Up that supports Twitch before the July 22nd deadline. The reason why we’re picking Twitch first specifically is a few reasons, but the main reason is actually based off of the amount of work we have done already for Twitch support. For those that happened to be in my stream a few days ago, you got a chance to see a fair amount of progress we have for Twitch support that’s done already. It’s by no means finished, but it’s certainly more than nothing. We also have a gut instinct that most users will choose to migrate Twitch just based on some facts of the lands.

Now the issue is that even though Facebook Gaming is the official migration platform for Mixer streamers, we don’t have any amount of work done on support Facebook Gaming yet and haven’t fully investigated enough to see what we could support on there if anything. It was in our original plan, but it was not the first platform in the list. However, we know that there will be users who will go to Facebook Gaming since partners will be able to easily migrate to there and we want to support them as well. However even if we were to prioritize Facebook Gaming as the first platform, we couldn’t reasonably guarantee we could have it ready before July 22nd. Even getting Twitch support fully up and running will be a bit of crunch time, but it has the highest chance of meeting that deadline in time.

We currently have a Preview update out with some new features we’ve been working on, so we’ll be focused on getting that out the door to the public as quickly as possible. This will allow us to convert to the Preview updates over to focus on Twitch support. Part of that Preview update will include the removal of Mixer support, so we would only advise users to upgrade to Preview if they are planning on migrating to Twitch immediately. Once Twitch support is in a good enough state, we’ll then roll that out to the public updates. If you plan on staying on Mixer until July 22nd, we would advise you to not take any updates after, which will be what we currently have in Preview. We’ll also make sure to announce when each of these steps are happening, so make sure to keep an eye out here on our Twitter account and in our Discord.

Before we end this, we did want to take some time to talk about everything that has been going on related to this. With the many issues going on in the world right now, we want to take a moment to ask our community to be supportive of others during this time. Whether its racism, sexism, or LGBTQIA+ discrimination, we all need to work towards creating a better world for all of us to live. We must take the time to listen to those who are experiencing these problems, evaluate our own past & current actions to improve, and do what we can to support others.

Thank you to all of our users for your time and help; we wouldn’t be here without you and we look forward to continuing to support you.