Multi-Streaming Platform Support

We're excited to finally give users a chance to try out an early release of our Multi-Streaming Platform update! This is a stand-alone version that you will be able to download, try out, and provide early feedback on. With all early release software, there will be known issues and can be bugs present in the software. So we advise users to read this entire page of information to ensure whether trying this version out now is a good thing for your channel & stream.

Frequently Asked Questions

- What streaming platforms are supported with this version?

This version currently supports Twitch, Trovo, and Glimesh. YouTube is not supported at this time.

- Why is YouTube not supported currently?

By default, all applications that use Google's APIs are granted a very limited amount of requests per day. In order to get access to more, you must go through an approval process that we are in the process of preparing for. Once we have submitted Mix It up for approval and if we are approved for more access, we will release an updated version with YouTube support for testing.

- Why is Facebook Gaming not supported currently?

Facebook Gaming unfortunately lacks a lot of proper documentation for their API services, which makes it difficult to add support for. We have spent some time investigating what things we can support on there, however we've run into several hitches that have prevented the platform from meeting the minimum bar of functionality that we would find acceptable. We'll be continuing to push and investigate on it in the background, but have no specifics of when this may or may not become available.

- How do I use this version?

Download the ZIP file at the bottom of the page, un-zip it to a location, and run the MixItUp.exe file inside the folder.

- Can I bring over my existing settings?

Yes, this version now supports bringing over your existing settings for testing. Do note that this will just be a copy of your settings and any changes made to them will not be guaranteed to be usable on the preview or public versions when they are available. As always, please ensure you make adequate backups of your settings data for your protection by heading to Settings -> Advanced -> Backup Settings. To bring over your existing settings:

- First download the test version below after you have read all the information on this page & unzip the file to a location

- Launch the regular version of Mix It Up

- Head to Settings -> Advanced -> Installation Folder

- Inside the Windows Explorer window that appears, locate the Settings folder, right-click -> Copy

- Go inside the location where you unzipped the test folder, right-click -> Paste to copy your Settings folder in to the test version

- I'm running in to an issue / I have a question / I've found a bug, what should I do?

A dedicated channel has been set up in the Mix It Up Discord Server for support and bug reports called #multi-platform-support. Please post all questions and bug reports in that channel so as to not confuse with regular support requests with the current public version.

- I need to submit a log file, how do I do that?

Inside the Discord server, you can run the command "!logs" in any channel to get information on how to submit logs. For this particular version of Mix It Up, all logs are Diagnostic Logs, which means you should not post them publicly. Only DM these logs to a Moderator or Developer in the Mix It Up discord.

- If there is an update, how will I find out and what do I do?

Because this is not a traditional update, there won't be an update notification when you launch Mix It Up to tell you there's a new version. The best way to know will be to follow our Twitter and join our Discord for notifications of when there are updates. When an update has been released, simply re-download from the link below and either start a fresh version or you can extract the contents directly into the previous folder to overwrite things and keep your settings.

Known Issues & Breaking Changes - Last Updated 12/31/2021

- YouTube service connectivity is disabled currently

- Importing of old settings or importing of user data is not currently supported

- The Channel page has been removed due to low-usage and varying functionality differences between different streaming platforms.

- The ability to upload commands to the Community Commands service has been disabled due to compatability problems with the public version of Mix It Up.

- Offline user viewing time and offline currency rates have been removed.

- Certain Overlay Widgets involving streaming platform specific functionality (EX: Subscriber / Bits leaderboard) may not work as intended.

- Graphical & UI issues related to buttons or text being cropped or missing. Please report any ones you see with a screenshot to ensure we don't miss any.

Streaming Platform Specific Issues:


- Due to the deprecation of Twitch's old API services, User's subscription dates are no longer obtainable until Twitch adds support for it on their new API service.

- Certain Twitch event commands that use Twitch's webhook services will not work currently or may be delayed slightly using old detection logic due to compatability differences. This includes the following: Stream Start, Stream End, Follow, Hype Train Begin, Hype Train End.


- Lack of documentation for Trovo services have prevented us from adding a dedicated user resubscribed event command. If a user resubscribes in your channel while Mix It Up is running, please reach out to us in the #multi-platform-support channel of our Discord server so we can attempt to get log information to better help us determine what data is included with a resubscription event.


- Updating user and channel information is prevented due to current API restrictions for Glimesh. This means functionality such as !settitle and !setgame will not work Glimesh.

- Getting data for subscriptions is prevented due to current API restrictions for Glimesh. This includes events for subscriptions, as well as verifying whether a user is a subscriber or not.

- Getting current viewer data for your stream is prevented due to current API restrictions for Glimesh. All viewer data is based on chat participation only.


Version: - 1/10/2022


Improvements & Bug Fixes - Last Updated 1/10/2022

- Basic account linking is now supported for user data by using "!linkaccount" in chat.

- Adding the ability to import existing Mix It Up settings for testing purposes.

- Adding dedicated Trovo action for adding/removing roles, setting channel mods, and hosting.

- Adding dedicated Trovo Spells feature to allow custom commands to trigger for specific spells.

- The Community Commands feature has been partially re-enabled, allowing users to download commands from the service. Uploading commands will not be re-enabled at this time due to compatability differences.

- Adding additional options to Twitch action for various chat moderation features.

- Fixing bug with Trovo authentication information becoming expired and being unable to log in without resetting account data in Mix It Up.

- Fixing bug with Trovo bot account not properly sending messages to the user account's channel.

- Fixing bug where accessing certain Twitch features while not connected to Twitch caused a crash.

- Fixing bug where signing out of an account on a platform caused the app to crash when attempting to re-login afterwards.

- Fixing bug with account info not displaying properly or displaying the wrong account on the Accounts page.

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